Bharath B. Reddy Bynagari

Bharath B. Reddy Bynagari is a serial entrepreneur in healthcare IT. With a mission of “Innovative Solutions with a Human Touch,” Bynagari was the inventor behind Diagnotes, a single platform for Healthcare Communications.  Bynagari created and developed the health information technology behind Diagnotes. 

Bynagari is also founder of DigiBiomarkers, LLC., to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical trials and enabling researchers to collect quality, objective patient-reported outcomes data from trial participants.

Bynagari co-founded CareAscend, LLC., to foster teamwork, quality care among care teams and compliance in financial transactions with physicians.

Bynagari has been President, CEO and Founder of MavenSphere Inc, a managed consulting services company since 2007.

Bynagari received a MS in Computer Science from University of Texas at Tyler. Since then, he has more than 22 years of IT and healthcare experience with Eli Lilly, Stanley Works and First DataBank.