Innovation Partners Institute, MavenSphere Launch New Technology Tool in Fight Against COVID-19

Mobile App for Organizations Encourages Personal Engagement, Responsibility

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Amid rapidly rising cases of COVID-19 in Indiana, the Innovation Partners Institute (IPI) at Purdue University and MavenSphere today launched a personal engagement app designed to give organizations a simple tool to help people monitor their COVID symptoms, track test results, and connect to important support tools and resources. The fully-HIPAA compliant app, KeepOthersSafe, is currently being used by employees at the Purdue Research Foundation. 

“We have learned through our experiences in protecting the Purdue campus this fall that it is critically important that all individuals monitor symptoms daily, engage with healthcare providers to get tested, and isolate or quarantine depending on test results or close contact with others who have tested positive,” said David Broecker, Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer for the Purdue Research Foundation and Executive Director of the Innovation Partners Institute. “KeepOthersSafe helps facilitate these important behaviors through daily reminders and communication tools to stop the spread of the virus.”

The personal mobile engagement app is white label ready. It uses interactive questions that can be customized to help users understand community expectations and reinforce healthy behaviors based on CDC and institution-specific protocols. For a fee per user, the app can help organizations engage their employees in self-monitoring and compliance so organizations can better assess risk and facilitate consistent, clear communication with employees. It also can report symptoms seamlessly to designated healthcare professionals.

“Organizations continue to struggle with how to manage the risks of spreading COVID-19 among their members while they try to conduct business,” said Brian Edelman, President of Purdue Research Foundation. “This application has helped us effectively engage employees to keep everyone safer.”

KeepOthersSafe was developed by Bharath Bynagari, Founder and CEO of MavenSphere and Innovation Partner for the IPI. Bynagari is an experienced innovator and entrepreneur in the healthcare digital technology industry. The project is the second initiative of the newly launched IPI, which works to address community needs by turning concepts into early-stage solutions to solve big problems.

“Through our development platform, we were able to quickly create a customizable tool to support individuals based on a set of interactive questions and work flow following current COVID-19 guidelines,” said Bynagari. “The entire process takes less than a minute and is facilitated through a secure, HIPPA compliant administrative portal.”

The effort was made possible through a generous gift from Christian and Kate Kanady of Oklahoma City and the COVID Start Coalition, which fosters innovation and shared learning across leading public/private institutions.

“My wife and I are pleased to support the IPI and Bharath on this new innovative tool that can be used by students, employees, and visitors at Purdue, and ultimately the public at large,” said Christian Kanady, Founder and CEO of Echo Energy and advisory board member of the COVID Start Coalition. “We look forward to bringing this important tool back to Oklahoma City to support our local community and seeing it implemented throughout the U.S.”

KeepOthersSafe is available for both iPhone and Android devices and via a web platform. The administrative portal provides organizations with a private, secure environment for engaging individuals.

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