What does the Digital Trust Initiative Report reveal?

A framework for a people-first, community-centric approach to Digital Independence The Discovery Park District (DPD) at Purdue University is a $1 billion mixed-use connected innovation district in West Lafayette, Indiana. DPD is an innovation district that sits inside the municipality of the City of West Lafayette and at the doorstep of Purdue University. As the […]

Pivot before the Pilot – Updates from the West Lafayette Smart City Challenge

Purdue University engineering students Sid Gaur, Ben Murray and Atharva Rao examine equipment while discussing their entry into the West Lafayette Smart City Challenge. They are one of three teams that received $5,000 for being named finalists to the contest. (Purdue Research Foundation photo/Steve Martin) What Team TRAWS has been up to since winning Team […]

Purdue's smart city microcosm includes CBRS, neutral host fiber network

By Martha DeGrasse Municipal leaders worldwide are educating themselves about the potential of wireless connectivity, sensors and artificial intelligence to make their cities safer, cleaner, richer and easier to navigate. But when it comes to actually implementing new technology, many are challenged by integration with existing systems, networks and processes.  This was not a problem for […]

Live, Work, Play: Purdue’s Discovery Park District is Redefining Innovation Districts

Innovation districts have taken a prominent position in civic and economic development discourse. Essentially, these districts concentrate the traditional building blocks of a city in a smaller space focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. Imagine a hybrid between a business park and a lively downtown area with commercial offices, housing, restaurants, entertainment options, and […]

The Promise and Peril of Smart Technologies: Embracing Opportunities and Managing Privacy Risk

Over the last few years, concerns over data privacy, data security, and data usage have plagued some otherwise promising smart technology deployments and smart city projects (see Sidewalk Labs for an example). When we consider the significant improvements technological innovations have made to the standard of living throughout history, we can see that a stalled […]

Three Highlights from the West Lafayette Smart City Challenge Demo Day

On Friday, April 29, two teams of Purdue University first-year students presented their demos to a panel of judges at the West Lafayette Smart City Challenge Demo Day. The challenge — a partnership between the City of West Lafayette, Innovation Partners Institute at the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF), NineTwelve Lab and US Ignite — showcased […]

On Purdue’s 153rd Anniversary, the Discovery Park District Advances a Community Based Digital Trust Initiative

The words on the Discovery Park District at Purdue University’s website immediately lead us to associate the District with fierce innovation and sustainable growth. Not surprising, given that the district is located in West Lafayette at the doorstep of Purdue University, which celebrates its 153rd anniversary today. But what exactly is the District and why […]

West Lafayette Smart City Challenge Demo Day

The Innovation Partners Institute at the Purdue Research Foundation, in partnership with the City of West Lafayette, the Indiana 5G Zone, and US Ignite, launched the West Lafayette (WL) Smart City Challenge in the Fall of 2021. The challenge asked teams to develop scalable IoT solutions or software applications that leveraged the City of WL’s […]

More than Smart, a Community-Driven Technology Adoption and Use Model

About one-third of smart city projects fail and around 80 percent of prototypes don’t scale and reach their desired scope.(1) Poorly implemented smart city investments undercut civic trust and can have far-reaching economic and social consequences. US Ignite’s Fostering Civic Trust guide purports an ecosystem of trust that places people at the core of the smart city movement […]