Open in 2020

  • Convergence Multi- Tenant Commercial Office Building
    150,000 sqft
  • Rolls-Royce Innovation Center
  • SAAB Manufacturing Center

Open in 2021

  • Provenance Residential Village
    • 150-Unit Apartment Complex
    • 20 Single Family Homes
    • 20 Townhomes
  • Continuum 250-unit Apartment Complex

Planned Projects

  • 65-Unit Condo Complex
  • 400-Unit Apartment Complex
  • Retail and Event Center
  • Medical Complex

“What’s uniquely powerful about this 5G center is that it is a 5G ‘living lab’ where we can define the use case and innovate the deployment. We have the spectrum and the building access, along with several very innovative technologies. This will be an impactful partnership.” 

Mung Chiang, Executive Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Purdue University President-Elect

PRF has executed a neutral host services agreement for the installation of fiber within the Discovery Park District with Tilson, a telecommunications infrastructure company. 

The district’s neutral host platform includes an edge data center located at the Convergence Center and fiber connectivity from the edge data center to each end-user end point in the district. These end-user end points are every private tenant or user space within a building, including every apartment, single-family residence, commercial office suite, commercial and research facility, and retail and public spaces.

The neutral host platform provides an at-scale, real-world environment for the development of new services and technologies that is a component of the Lab-to-Life Innovation Platform helping to advance Purdue University’s leading research activities in the telecommunications space.

In addition, the neutral host platform provides several benefits to the tenants, residents, and visitors to the district including:

  • A master planned telecom infrastructure that enables a “dig once, deploy once” model that maintains and preserves the street, roadway, and public space;
  • Connectivity at the speed of light through the deployment of a 100% Fiber network;
  • Internet broadband services from a variety of internet service providers (ISPs);
  • Edge data center for easier and more secure multi-site networking and on-ramps to Microsoft and Amazon clouds;
  • Access to supercomputer capabilities in partnership with Purdue University;
  • Accelerated buildout of in-building and outside cellular coverage from variety of wireless carriers;
  • The availability of private networks wireless networks (CBRS, LoRaWAN, WiFi); and On-demand infrastructure for faster turn-up.

Ready to Go, Real World, At Scale

Advancing Application and Infrastructure Research

Application Focus

  • Private Enterprise Networks
  • Autonomy
  • Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Research Labs
  • Digital Agriculture with IoT
  • AR/VR in Classroom
  • Rural Broadband Coverage

Infrastructure Focus

  • 5GWiFi6 Interoperability & Network of Networks
  • Integrated Open Network
  • Dispersed AI and Edge Intelligence

Connect Community Platform for Deployment of Next Generation Networks, Applications and Use Cases

Key Partners and Collaborators

Fiber network and Attachment Points

  • Convergence
    • Height: 75′
    • Floors: 5
    • Square Feet: 157,172
  • Purdue Technology Center Aerospace (PTCA)
    • Height: 36′
    • Floors: 2
    • Square Feet: 25,781
  • Provenance
    • Height: 50′
    • Floors: 3
    • Square Feet: 30,000
  • Continuum
    • Height: 60′
    • Floors: 4
    • Square Feet: 236,000
  • Activation Barn
    • Height: 45′
    • Floors: 1
    • Square Feet: 16,000

A Private Network – Example CBRS at DPD