Supporting Exponential Connectivity & Data Growth

Our world has become increasingly connected, with new technologies and applications touching every facet of our lives. Companies are using artificial intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop and deliver new products and services.

Our consumption of broadband connectivity has exploded, with no end in sight.

This technology trajectory led the Purdue Research Foundation to envision and build the Discovery Park District, a highly connected community for residents, companies, and innovators right next to the Purdue campus. The district is a live-work-play community designed to facilitate the development and evaluation of new technologies, applications, and innovation.

Front Door to Purdue

Through the IoT Innovation Lab in the Discovery Park District’s Convergence Center, corporations can work with Purdue faculty, students, and the many centers of excellence at the university. The Convergence Center serves as the front door to the university, making it easy for companies to collaborate with the many resources Purdue has to offer. The district’s connected community allows companies test ideas in a scale environment and facilitates the continual development of new technologies and applications.

Next Generation Technologies

Residents and employees in Discovery Park District will be surrounded by emerging technologies and have opportunities to test new innovations. Whether they are getting meals delivered by robots, accessing a remote parking application, or using the district’s ubiquitous WiFi, which will ensure they never lose signal on the commute from home to work, the district residents will be an active part of a community of next generation technologies and applications. The community will enable clean energy initiatives like autonomous vehicles, and make remote work and learning, a necessity in today’s world, more accessible than ever.

New Ideas, New Technology Architecture

The connected solutions of the future require a different technology architecture than what we use today. Discovery Park District has partnered to provide a neutral host platform as the foundation of the district’s infrastructure, enabling the roll-out of overlapping 4G, 5G, ubiquitous WiFi, a range of internet service provider options including some with gigabit speeds, and private networks such as CBRS and Lora deployments. All of these will provide new ways for companies, employees, and residents in the district to connect and be connected as they go about their daily lives.

With the infrastructure in place and companies and individuals innovating and connecting in new ways within the district, it has become more than a connected community. It is rapidly becoming a digital destination. It is a place where the future is being imagined, built, tested, and enjoyed by those who live, work and play in Discovery Park District at Purdue.

Digital Destination

With the roll-out of next generation (i.e., 5G, WiFi 6, CBRS) networks and technology, new infrastructure will need to be built that enables new innovation to drive advances in connectivity and data generation. Executed the right way, this technology platform will not only enhance the quality of life for the more than 75,000 residents interacting with the district, but it will also serve as a platform for the evaluation of new technologies, applications and innovation in a “connected innovation community” environment. The resulting live-work-play connected community makes Discovery Park District a digital destination where the future is being imagine and lived out every day.

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