Moving Quickly from Idea to Solution

IPI’s collaboration and funding model bridges the gap between theoretical ideas and applications that are ready for market. From this place “in the middle” we seek out partners – project leaders, corporations, academic experts, communities, and funders – and bring them together to develop commercially viable technologies and applications that have a real-world impact. The IPI aims to develop and validate solutions, going from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 3 on a technology readiness scale. As a non-profit, we leave commercial scale deployment to our partners.

The Institute selects marketplace challenges brought by innovators, companies, academics and others, and identifies the expertise and partners needed to create solutions. Expert-led project teams and partners have access to the Discovery Park District, a uniquely connected community that can serve as a real-world test site. This synergy creates a development engine that can rapidly move from idea to commercially viable solution.

Innovation Playground at Discovery Park District

The Innovation Partners Institute is located in the Convergence Center, in the heart of the new Discovery Park District at Purdue.  Literally next to the Purdue University campus, the Discovery Park District is a playground for innovation providing access to world-class researchers, leading companies, state-of-the-art facilities, core-labs, and advanced technology centers.  This 400+ acre mixed use development is also being planned as a “connected community” powered by a 5G+ technology infrastructure comprised of fiber, edge data-center, multi-use spectrum including CBRS, and multiple IOT and AI test beds.

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Our Leadership

David Broecker

Broecker is an experienced business executive with a passion and track record for building organizations and creating value by advancing breakthrough innovation to the marketplace. He currently serves as the Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer for the Purdue Research Foundation.

Troy D. Hege

Hege is the president and founder of Westvale Group, a management consultancy focused on innovation and commercialization. Prior to starting Westvale, Hege was the chief of staff and executive vice president of the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute.

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