What does the Digital Trust Initiative Report reveal?

A framework for a people-first, community-centric approach to Digital Independence

The Discovery Park District (DPD) at Purdue University is a $1 billion mixed-use connected innovation district in West Lafayette, Indiana. DPD is an innovation district that sits inside the municipality of the City of West Lafayette and at the doorstep of Purdue University. As the primary landowner in the district, DPD takes a lead role in the development and management of the district, which includes overall master planning and advancing innovation.

The success of DPD as a leading connected community depends upon its ability to navigate the issues that come with adopting and using smart technologies. For this reason, DPD partnered with the Innovation Partners Institute (IPI), US Ignite, and XQ Message on the Digital Trust Initiative to establish a thoughtful framework for technology adoption and use through a people-first and community-centric approach. DPD and the IPI made this report on Digital Trust available to the public to assist other communities in navigating their digital transformation into a more connected world.

The Digital Trust Initiative Report is a comprehensive document that explores various aspects of digital trust and the importance of building civic trust in the digital age.

In the report, you will find:

The report covers different themes such as innovation, entrepreneurship, privacy, and cybersecurity, focusing on emerging technologies and the evolution of the Internet. Plus, it introduces DPD’s and IPI’s vision to transition the individual into the center of their own digital universe – giving them power over their digital identity.