Brian Wane, co-founder and CEO of XQ Message, creates products and leads product-focused teams. He is an award-winning design and product management professional with proven experience in overseeing the end-to-end lifecycle for enterprise brands and Fortune 500 corporations. He brings a passion for innovation and user-first solutions, resulting in strong engagement and adoption across multiple industries, verticals, and market segments.

Brian owned SMERC, a digital product agency in Brooklyn for many years where he created over 300 products for fortune 500 companies including Conde Nast, ESPN, NBC, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Neopets, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Yahoo, Atari, Saatchi, A&E, DreamWorks Animation, Discovery, T-Mobile, Southpark, Scholastic, Avon, and Billboard.

He has worked as Director of Digital Accounts at Intel and Chief Product Officer at Series X, a venture development company, helping startups find product-market fit.