Kelby Price leads corporate development at XQ Message, where she manages the development of overall corporate growth strategies, strategic partnerships, capital raises, investor relations and overall business development. Kelby is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved with numerous startups in the technology space with a focus on data monetization and privacy. Kelby is passionate about developing sustainable technologies that leverage data in a responsible way to help people lead better lives while positioning data privacy and security as a basic human right. 

Kelby started her career in investment banking before transitioning to help private and publicly traded companies communicate their value propositions. It was in this capacity, Kelby understood the profound need companies had for quantitative data in the capital markets space. As a result, Kelby helped develop the first cloud based capital markets intelligence platform and lead sales & marketing initiatives while growing the company across North America. Since then, Kelby has been involved in multiple different security and data centric technologies including an event marketing analytics platform, Oil & Gas visualization and Healthcare data aggregation and analytics. 

Kelby is a certified professional in investor relations and was recognized as one of Canada’s top 10 women in technology in 2017 by the Consulate General of Canada and a top female entrepreneur by Tech Women Canada.